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Valerie Unruh enjoys living by the ocean and rain forests—perfect places to find the flora, fauna and fairies that she explores in her art. “Nature Spirits” adorn many of her pieces. They come to her in dreams and visions that inspire her to produce in many mediums.

Valerie began her artistic career in Toronto, Ontario. She was inspired from an early age by her “little grandmother” who was an accomplished ceramic artist. Valerie received a scholarship to attend the Ontario College of Art and graduated with honours standing. Directly after college, she trained as a florist in the oldest floral shop in the St. Lawrence Market Place; and then moved to Vancouver, continuing her florist career in the oldest shop on Granville Street.

In her late twenties, Valerie became quite ill and helped herself by studying the healing arts. Consequently, many of her paintings incorporate semi-precious stones because of their healing qualities.

After studying for ten years in a private Vancouver Art School, Valerie stopped being afraid to fully express herself through her art. She is always inspired by nature and the elementals. She interprets the spirits, allowing them to express themselves through her art, which often results in images of fairies and the placesthat they dwell. Valerie’s art gives form to her love of natural, positive energy, and she hopes to plant a seed in the observer’s mind and heart about the importance of nature in our lives.

Mission Statement:

"As an artist, my joy is to allow the inner visions that I am gifted to see and feel, to be made visible. There are many dimensions to our reality that are constantly opening for us to explore and enjoy in this universe of infinite possibilities." Valerie Unruh 2015